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What is Stop Motion Photography?

Well how about a little history lesson. Stop motions are actually the oldest style of animation on film with the first one created in 1898, which was a short film called The Humpty Dumpty Circus! Unfortunately there are no surviving copies left, but you can see a still from it here "The Humpty Dumpty Circus - 1898"

Stop motions are made up of multiple images with small movements within each frame that are then stitched together to create the illusion of movement. In today's digital climate, these are a fantastic sales-converting asset.

So what about Stop Motion makes it so great for our digital world?

I'll tell you - they're snappy, informative, evoke emotions and are magic through motion.

Stop Motion Animation brings your products to LIFE!

In a short time (and let's face it, the invention of social media has made our attention spans shorter!) you can show your product/s from multiple angles by spinning, rolling, jumping, we can animate your product to open, close or flip upside down, we can flick through or fan out products to showcase different colour options. They're snappy and attention-grabbing!

It's not new information that people buy with their emotions, a stop motion evokes a nostalgic feeling and has the power to create a connection with consumers. With the added use of sounds effect it appeals to our audio-visual senses and tells a compelling story.

And maybe the best reason of all is creating magic through motion! With stop motion animation we can create movements and concepts that aren't possible through regular videos or photos. It's all trickery and wizardry - you can whirl through multiple products using fun transitions, products can spin or burst into another product or something different entirely. We can quickly explain the main features of a product in a creative, stop the scroll kinda way!

Stop Motions are great for engagement

The possibilities and creativity are endless with stop motions. They're great for engagement, are visually impressive and informative, perfect for the fast paced digital landscape we live in.

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been and the competition is stiff.

Having product stop motion videos that stand out stops your customers from scrolling and makes them start buying instead.

Want to try your hand at your own stop motion? Grab my freebie 4 Beginner Stop Motion Ideas which includes a bonus 6 Top Tips for a Successful Stop Motion.

Or if you've too little time as it is, let me help ease the load. Get in touch by filling out the creative brief or flick me an email.

Sophie Howie from Sophie Louise Creative