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Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes...

Well i'm already slipping behind in my blog posts and have been slack AF! Sorry team. But for good reason, i've had lots of shoots keeping me occupied so YAY.

I thought i'd let you all in on some behind the scenes action of a basic photo shoot setup, a sneak peek as the title says. ooh! Super exciting right?! YES. I use natural lighting for all my product photographs, i'm all about that natural light life, it's actually so damn pretty and it's free, BONUS. I have a charming big window in my not so charming big lounge room, so that is where I do most of my shoots. That sun light streams in creating dreamy light that is a de"light" to work with - get it? Yah i'm a geek.

Product styling photograph of tea strainer.
This is a basic setup for a shoot I did for China White Tea. Diffuser in the window to diffuse the sunlight and a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject and to lessen shadows.

If you're wanting to try out some of your own product shots watch the light around your house and how it looks and falls at different times of the day to see where has the best. But beware, the best light doesn't mean the brightest, that sunshine will create harsh ugly shadows, try somewhere less sunny and diffuse that big bright yellow ball of gas. Once you've got your spot play around with your setup, try your product close to the window, further away, test out different heights. These will all affect where the shadows fall and how much shadow there is. The above photo is a basic setup at window height.

A great trick I use sometimes is baking paper to diffuse that bright light if it's a sunny day out. This works a treat, spesh if you don't have your own diffuser. If it's a cloudy day you may not need a anything on the windows as those clouds are a great natural diffuser. In the above shot i'm also using a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject, for this you can just use white paper or white foam board, anything white and sturdy really, whatever you fancy.

Food styling photograph of Vanilla cake and caramel sauce.
This image was photographed for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet, baking paper is used to diffuse the sunlight here as it covered more area than my diffuser.

Get creative and have a play around with lighting and try out multiple backgrounds, you'll be amazed by the different looks you can get just by changing backgrounds and lighting. Try out black paper/foam board and darker backgrounds with your lighting setup to add some draaaaama to those photographs. I love darker setups for those foodie pics, looks saaa good.

Have fun!

x Sophie Louise x


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