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From Garage to Photography Studio...

Welcome to my first blog in a verrrrrry long time! Something I have long neglected is this blog, for many reasons but mostly due to time and lack thereof. But recently I've had a few ideas brewing for content and what I can share with you all and now I'm actually pretty excited to get blogging.

SO what better place to re start my blog than with a good old fashioned Kiwi reno project. Everyone loves a few before and after shots right?

After more than a year in the making (starting May 2020) my project to take my only used for storage mess of a garage to a brand new Photography studio is complete! With the help of my amazing Dad and Project Manager Alfie we have created a lovely space. No more mess in the lounge with lights, tables, products, props all over the show, I now get my lounge back and a flash new separate space for my work.

Garage before renovations started.

Firstly I needed to bring some light in, this space had some serious dull vibes going on. To bring in as much natural light as possible I jumped on Trade Me to hunt down some windows and I found a set of four windows for a steal at $400.

Windows going in and Project Manager Alfie inspecting the job.

Next up was the floor. The original floor was a shambles with cracks through it along with not being level. Me knowing nothing about floors assumed we could just over top, but as all renos do an unbudgeted cost came up, as it turned out that wouldn't work so we needed to rip up the exisiting floor and start again.

After the new floor was put down Dad put in a new door that I found lying in the wool shed at my parents house, I love the shadows this window creates from the sun, so handy for some shadowy shots. Technically an inside door, but do I care?! Then he started on the insulation, ceiling and walls. By this point it was super exciting to see it all coming together. Also very handily (is that actually a word?) my brother is an electrician so did all the wiring and lights once the ceiling gib went up. Always helpful to know a tradie or two!

Insulation going in and gib going up.

Next the plasterer came in to do his thing and then it was my time to shine! Painting, it's about the only (average) skill I had in helping out during this project. I probably never want to paint a ceiling again after this!

Project Manager Alfie taking a much deserved rest from inspections. Painting underway.

After all the painting was done Dad built a custom shelving unit for all my many props and I got to work on the curtains. The curtains were a cheap DIY job which I was super happy with. I bought sheer curtains and leather from Spotlight and got the dowels from Bunnings, I then cut the leather into strips to use as loop hooks. I had to sew the top of the curtains over in a loop at the top to fit around the dowels as they were obvs meant to be hung on proper curtain hooks. I love the finished look of them.

Then it was floor down, curtains up, gear in! #Voila

That's it folks, the new studio in all it's glory and I LOVE it, just like I love a good reno! Honestly, HGTV is my favourite and I can't get enough of Fixer Upper! #watchit

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this wee journey from garage to studio.

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