• Sophie Louise

Four reasons you need Product Photographs that POP now!

The world we live in today is fast paced, ever advancing and demandingly visual. Everyday we are bombarded with visuals from multiple platforms and social media is pretty much a sensory overload. So you gotta standout in this crowded marketplace, make your brand pop and present scroll stopping images that make your customers stop and click that big beautiful "buy" button.

Online shopping is errrywhere these days, it's fun, convenient, so damn easy (also so damn easy to spend all your cash monaaay) and you can do it lying in bed, watching Netflix, eating Uber Eats (I definitely don't do this... jokes, I have 100% done this). Think about when you're shopping online, what makes you stop and look at a product? Do you resonate with the brand? When shopping online you can't pick up the product, feel it, smell it or taste it and neither can your customers. You may not be aware of it, but your purchase process is based heavily on product photographs. I know for sure that if a product photograph looks sh*t then i'll be scrolling on past and not looking back. But i'm probably quite a harsh critic too!

Styled product photograph of tea leaves
This photograph was done for a local tea brand China White, the shot represents her clean and simple brand.

1. Your images are an extension of your brand.

High quality product photographs portray high quality products. People will perceive your products and brand in a certain way based on your images. You want to communicate to your customers that you have a quality brand with quality products and the best way to do that is through your photographs.

In this visual world images are the first thing potential customers will look at and it is important to showcase your products the best way possible to build trust and stand out amongst the masses. Be consistent with your images and create a cohesive look that fits with your brand, this will support the value of your product and display professionalism and attention to detail.

Styled makeup photograph
This image was taken for a Nutrimetics consultant who has a bright, girly brand with a love of pink.

2. Cohesion is key.

One of the best ways to present a cohesive brand is through your product photographs. Cohesion displays a brands personality and communicates to the customer a trusted brand. You want your images to create a mood and feeling that draws the customer in and there are multiple ways to do this through lighting, backgrounds and props. Dark backgrounds and dramatic lighting is a favourite among some foodie brands, it portrays a sort of luxury and intrigue, a little treat for the senses.

Using these platforms to show your brands charm will create a united look and will attract your ideal customer, and that's the dream right?

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The old saying actually has a pretty darn valid point when it comes to your product photographs. You want these images to say what the customer wants to know, without having to ask, eg. is this the true colour? (bearing in mind we all know different screens can show different colours), how big is the product? is it easily breakable? A good product image should answer these questions to help the customer make an informed purchasing decision.

Product Photograph for facial sponge, styles products.
This image I photographed for the Australian brand Spud Sponge. I wanted to stick within the colour palettes but create a bold image that draws the eye in.

4. Stand out from the crowd.

Having excellent product photographs can help you stand out from the crowd. High quality product images have the power to grab the attention of someone aimlessly scrolling through their insta feed. Clear, sharp, well styled, compelling shots entice the customer and makes them want to click on your product. And that's the goal right? Well it's the beginning of the end goal, obvs we want them to hit that buy button!

So there you have it, four darn tootin good reasons you should have compelling, high quality images of your products. There are so many resources available these days to help you create your own photographs if you can't afford to go down the hiring a profesh road. Just know the power of good product shots, how they represent you, your brand and your products and how potential customers will perceive what you are putting out into the world.


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