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5 Reasons to Invest in a Product Photographer

Since we're heading into a new year and we all have new business goals and plans to achieve in 2022, (maybe even investing in a photographer is part of your plans) I thought a fitting way to close off 2021 would be to let you in on some facts about how product photography can help your business and brand.

Product photography plays a vital role in a consumers purchasing journey and is often the first impression of your brand. When it comes to product photography image is everything, "90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale."

These days websites are where most of your sales are generated and consumers attention spans are shorter than ever, you need to have compelling imagery to hold their attention long enough to make a purchasing decision.


High quality images are perceived as high quality products, so the flip side of this would be poor images = poor quality product. This can lead consumers to shop elsewhere for a product if they believe your product is of low quality. Poor imagery can look unprofessional and inconsistent swaying the potential customer to keep searching for a "superior" product and buyer experience.


With product styling and photography images of your products are kept consistent through the use of colour palettes, props, styling, backgrounds, lighting, product placement, textures etc. A lot of planning and thought goes into each shoot to ensure consistency across images to help create a recognisable brand.

Images styled and shot for Neve Candles


A huge part of creating product images is being able to tell the consumer a story. A buyer needs to be able to look at a product and know immediately what it is. Through visual storytelling and bringing the product to life a potential buyer can see what the product is used for, how it is used and imagine themselves using the product. Fun fact "78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life."


A product photographer understands how important is it for your product images to convey your brand vibe and values. A consumer wants to know that your brand aligns with their values and relates to who they are. This is all a part of a positive purchaser experience and increases the chance of a sale. Imagery is powerful at evoking the emotions of consumers and can speak volumes about a brands identity whether the consumer is aware of it or not.


To reduce the chance of any customer dissatisfaction you need to showcase your products true to form. Amateur product photography can lead to unintentionally misleading the consumer about your product. Product photographers ensure your product is showcased as it should during the editing process, this includes a few areas like correcting white balance, noise reduction, colour corrections, exposure, contrast and cleaning up product defects.

Images styled and shot for First Sun Beer.

Product photography is an investment in your business and results in increased sales. It helps to create a positive buyer experience and helps create a trustworthy, professional, high quality brand.

If you're ready to invest in your business today book a free exploration call or flick me an email at and let's get brainstorming.

Sophie (and Alfie) x


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