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12 Days of DIY Christmas Product Photography

Like most kiwis, I love some good old fashioned DIY. So I've put together a few ideas to (hopefully) inspire you with your Christmas Product Photography and to give you a few tips along the way.

Christmas product photography, styled table setup.
Christmas table scene for I shot for Bentley & Hart Candles

Day 1 - Make a flat lay with your products in the shape of a Christmas tree. Tip: include some baubles/decorations to add to the Christmas theme.

Day 2 - Create a wrapping present scene, wrap some empty boxes in xmas wrapping or wrapping paper that matches your brand colours, have scissors, ribbon/twine, tape, baubles, pine branches/cones and wrapping paper roll in scene. Tip: make sure to use different shapes and sizes for your boxes for better depth and composition.

Day 3 - Create a Christmas flat lay with negative space for text to create your Christmas campaign. Tip: Keep the background light so text can easily been seen.

Day 4 - Using the present boxes from day 2, create a presents under tree shot. Tip: Have some presents open, with products poking out, have some presents wrapped. Keep the shot close up with the bottom of the Christmas tree showing (so you don't have to decorate the whole tree in October!!)

Day 5 - Hang your products on the decorated Christmas tree. Tip: Have this as another close up shot to save decorating the whole tree, just focus on one area of the tree.

Day 6 - Another hanging shot on a plain background with negative space for your text. Hang products on ribbon/twine amongst other hanging decorations/baubles. Tip: For shots like this I often use a dowel to tie things around and hang down, but you could use a broom handle or anything that will hold the weight, pop the broom over a couple of chair backs and shoot front on, make sure not to get the broom in the shot. Leave some space at the bottom of the scene for text. (I hope this one makes sense!!! 😬😅)

Day 7 - Create a ribbon Christmas tree. Using a loooong piece of ribbon, create another style Christmas tree and place a product in the middle of the tree, throughout the tree or at the top of the tree as the "star". Tip: There are heaps of cool ideas like this on Pinterest you can check out for inspo.

Day 8 - Create a Christmas wreath flat lay. Using pine branches create a wreath shape and use your products to decorate the wreath. Tip: Keep it simple, less is more for a shot like this, maybe add some ribbon twisting around the branches, or decorations/cones.

Day 9 - Flat lay of singular product wrapped in ribbon. This would work best for something a bit longer in shape. Using a thin Christmassy or on brand ribbon, very loosely wrap your product, making sure not to cover too much of the important information. Try and only have the ribbon coming over the front of the product 2-4 times. Tip: Keep it centre of the frame with lots of space around the edge. Use a nice wood background or plain Christmassy colour. Scatter decorations sporadically around the product.

Day 10 - Christmas stocking shot with human element. Create a Christmassy scene on the fireplace with a hanging stocking. Take a shot of a hand putting your product into the stocking. Tip: You made need help with this shot, unless you have a tripod. Keep the product unwrapped.

Day 11 - Christmas table setup. If your product suits a table scene, eg. candle, food or drink etc, create a table scene with plates, glasses, cutlery, pine branches as a table runner. Use a table cloth or napkins with one of your brand colours. Tip: Rosemary and dried oranges make a nice touch sitting on the napkins on the plate, or your product might be a little gift that could sit on the napkin. Again, heaps of inspo of Pinterest for Christmas table scenes.

Day 12 - Create a Christmas card writing scene. Setup a flat lay to look like you're writing out your Christmas cards. Have a couple of cards scattered with a pen, maybe a plate of mini mince pies or Christmas cookies, some ribbon and a few sporadic baubles.

BONUS SHOT - If you have a fun product Santa (or his reindeers) might love, setup a scene where your product is on a tray with a glass of milk (or beer), cookies, carrots, whatever you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. This could be a fun shot to post on socials for Christmas Eve.

Have fun, make sure to tag me on Instagram @sophielouise_creative in any Christmassy shots you do, I would LOVE to see them and I'll make sure to share them too!

But if all this sounds like too much effort with the million other things to do in the lead up to Christmas, let me help you take a load (or Santa sack) off! #dadjoke? Book a free exploration call and let's get festive!

Sophie (and Alfie) x


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